Culture Club | nickelodeon

“Nickelodeon Culture Club” is a new international short-form educational series about major cultural events, developed to give all kids worldwide a chance to speak with other kids about how they experience and celebrate their own culture.


Every episode features three pair of kids. One kid in each duo is new to the cultural topic of the episode and all duos are from different parts of the world. The show design should capture the overall feeling of coming-together around the world and a playful engagement to different life experiences.


Commissoned by Nickelodeon, we have created a visual language and multi-platform design that is authentic to locals and accessible to all kids everywhere around the world to celebrate their culture. Coming up with a full show package we quickly expanded the design to funny stickers that underline the kid’s responses in the show as well as a full social media appearance for each topic of the episodes, which varies from Ramadan to Eid al-Fitr and Iftar, as well as special foods like Kurma, Kueh, Ogi and Akara. Don’t know any of them? Then maybe this beautiful piece of cultural education is worth a try!