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Maus and Mars

Join us on a playful journey of knowledge through our solar system. Science and astronomy made accessible to a broad public through an emotional story, breathtaking images and fun-to-watch characters - as well as providing children access to more complex contexts in a simple and playful way.

An adventurous mouse yearns night after night to rise to the stars - but only by the friendship with a talkative museum cat can these dreams be given wings. Equipped with a lot of humor and a thirst for adventure the unequal couple embark on an exciting and insightful journey through our solar system.

The movies creates sensibility for the most crucial topics of our modern society. What makes our planet earth so special in the solar system and why it is so important to protect it.

Stories with accessible characters and impressive images, which have been professionally processed and told in an exciting manner, have always provided the best access to knowledge for children.

This Project is supported by the Medien Board, Berlin Brandenburg.