Nickelodeon BTS 2019

Nickelodeon | Back to School 2019

Campaign Design

It’s that time of the year again - when the holidays are over and the new school year begins. With our new designs for the Nickelodeon’s „Back-To-School“ campaign we are here to make sure that returning to class will be as inspirational and playful as possible!


In order to promote the stunt, Nickelodeon will create extra content and establish a direct link with the local audience. It will be partnering with local influencers to produce video vlogs. . All the content will be published across the official Nickelodeon channels and promoted through the influencer’s ones, driving their fans to watch the pieces in Nickelodeon’s social media accounts. Therefore, the overall campaign should be developed under a „digital environment“.


Within the transnational cross-media campaign our approach was to create a digital ecosystem right beneath the real school environment with some spectacular crazy worlds and freshly-unique designed items. Besides the overall TV assets for Promo, Ad Break and Ident Packages for 6 different countries we’ve also created a big Social-Media Roll-Out for the linked to influencer’s websites and digital contents as well as magazine ads and xxl poster formats. „Tune in“ our aspirational styles, switch to survival mode and „chill out“ in Nick’s brand-new „Back-To-School“ mood!



dyrdee tasks

production, direction, 3D,
compositing, illustration


Creative Director

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic



Sven Henrichs


Technical Director

Mesut Can



Marc Pantenburg

Antonin Moucha

Konrad Müller



Konrad Müller

Jochen Weidner

Marc Pantenburg



Konrad Müller

Jochen Weidner

Leon Rammert


Logo Design

Johann Volkmer



Jochen Weidner