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nickelodeon | Fun Cut

On Air Promo

There are just two necessary elements for a good fun cut: an innovative design and participative actors to liven up the spot. That was just the case in these two fun cuts. One to say goodbye to the long lasting hit show "Das Haus Anubis" and the second to welcome the new series "Hotel 13". The two great casts were willing to act and move synchronized with our projections, so that the final results are two slick spots: beach, bubbles and a lot of fun!

Making of

The overall premise of the two spots was to creat a light, fun and playfull feel. We tried to pair that with some moody dark sillouete shots, to also emphasize the "mystery" aspect of the two nickelodeon shows.

To contrast the fun and playful live action part, we decided to to use a very clean and simple 3D look and animation for the projections.

On set with the nickelodeon stars of Haus Anubis and Hotel 13. In addition to all our planed out shots, we let the cast improvise and just have fun in front of the camera - you can feel it the in the final result!


dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Production, Shoot, Direction, 3D, Compositing


Creative Director

Ljubisa Djukic

Ole Keune


On Set Director 

Konrad Müller


Art Direction

Konrad Müller



Konrad Müller



Sven Henrichs


Technical Director

Mesut Can