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nickelodeon | Worldwide Refresh

Channel Design

This is by far the most colorful refresh we produced so far! Based on bouncing grids in combination with green slime, this multicolored mixture jumps right into the eye!

Making of

Colors aren´t everything… 3d objects like a huge bubble gum that inflates until bursting up and unveils a cartoon rotoscope, letters which contain a whole cartoon world inside, spinning hearts, brains and farts in the middle of an empty (and colored) room… colors are nothing without brilliant ideas and expression!

We proudly present you the result of a collaboration with nickelodeon for its new worldwide refresh, for which we extended our good creative relationship to an international level.


dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Direction, Production


Exectutive Producer

Sven Henrichs


Project Manager

Sara Saramiento

Alicja Wotzko (nickelodeon)

Imke Rühle (nickelodeon)


Creative Director

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic

Bettina Vogel (nickelodeon)


Technical Director

Mesut Can


Art Direction

Jochen Weidner

Johann Volkmer

Konrad Müller

Stefan Schomerus (nickelodeon)



Johann Volkmer

Konrad Müller

Jochen Weidner

Vincenz Neuhaus

Simone Lehmann

Stefan Hollenbach

Julian Bruns


Cel Animation

Vincenz Neuhaus



Konrad Müller

Johann Volkmer

Marius Menzel

Vincenz Neuhaus

Maike Engelmann

Alexander Bähr

Stefan Hollenbach