SKY | Xaviers Wunschkonzert

Live call-in music show with Xavier Naidoo.

We were commissioned by Sky 1 to develop a show package and commercial bumpers for their prime time music show, hosted by the famous german singer Xavier Naidoo.


The graphical package of Xavier´s Wunschkonzert had to support the look and feel of a prime time celebrity show and to create the right amount of glamour for the musical acts.


Our concept was to create a Logo that was based on the X, the first letter of the hosts name and to make it the center of our design. The X was treated like a 3 dimensional sculpture, that was placed on a virtual show stage and covered with animated light bulbs. The led areas of the logo were also used to project footage of the show guests. We created producer kits to exchange the artist footage, making it possible to start every episode with an individual opener.


dyrdee Tasks

Concept, 3D, Production


Creative Director

Ljubisa Djukic

Ole Keune



Sven Henrichs

Angela Casagrande


Technical Director

Mesut Can

Marc Pantenburg



Marc Pantenburg



Jochen Weidner

Leon Rammert

Stefan Hollenbach